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New Cure For Baldness... Free Consumer Electronics!

Okay, first off this DOES count as entertainment because this guy IS entertaining. Big Pappa is celebrating his impressive traffic count in style. By giving something back to the community... SWAG! The Big Bald Blog is offering:

* An 8 Gig iPod Touch
* 500 Entrecard Credits (so if you're not a member, it's a great time to sign up for free and let them help you promote your blog or website)
* A total blog review from Mike over at Bloggin-Ads
* Some cool Big Pappa Worldwide gear. You'll get shirts, shorts, stickers and if you are female we even have some "boy shorts", ringer shirts, tanks and thongs that we can throw in on the deal. Guys, we will throw in an extra "Road Trip Rules for Guys" shirt.

To enter the contest, all your need to do is go to The Big Bald Blog, and:

- Subscribe to the RSS feed via email subscription (at the top-right)
- Blog about the contest with a link back to the contest
- Leave a comment on the contest post with the link to your own post about the contest.

Contest ends on January 4th, so you've got time.

Besides contests and all that shenanigans, The Big Bald Blog is also a consistent and witty source of info on marketing, promotion, design, and just about anything else you want to know about getting your name out there. It's pretty funny and imaginative, and if you have even a remote interest in developing an online presence, The BBB is your stepping stone. Check it out for the content and help make Big Pappa's first contest a success.



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