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begging for a present

Since blogging provides you with such a different kind of communication, and envites you to share great things with the world. I took it's advice and made this and all previous articles my own (not including sources for news stories). With this opportunity, I decided to do something a little more thoughtful.

So I've added to a wealth of information. Now I have a new sense of something. Something like pride or being content, it makes you warm inside. Knowing you've contributed to something makes you feel good, it's like giving someone a present.

Unfortunately, with the internet being such a big entity and so widely used, it's hard to even get someone to read or watch your contribution, let alone separate yourself from the rest of the contributors who may or may not share your desire to make and create for some kind of worldly or other-worldly benefit. A real purpose.

When faced with these circumstances, I've found the most common way that contributors try to entice an audience is to bargain. For example: blogger A may join social networking sites with other bloggers and after finding a reasonable candidate (we'll call this person blogger B), ask blogger B to read their posts. Then blogger A might finish the message saying "In return for you reading what I have to say, I will read your blog and leave comments etc." This may or may not entice blogger B to read blogger A's blog.

The problem with this is that it may take a huge number of tries to get the desired amount of readers. Suddenly that present isn't as special and your warm feelings fade away quickly. You have to ask other people for a present in order to give them yours, and that's not how we're used to doing it. It squashes the point, and you feel like it's not worth giving any more.

That's why I'm here to tell you make your content for the sake of doing the best job you possibly can. Distance yourself from the readers until they connect themselves to you. Not concerning yourself with the number of people who saw your past work will free up time to make your current work better. And knowing that makes me warm inside.

This is Joshua, trying to give you a present.


2/23/08, 8:47 PM Shawn T Lippert said...

cool site so far!

2/25/08, 11:16 PM Natalie said...

Joshua! I liked the video, you should make this a video site! Don't beg.

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3/20/08, 2:21 PM JohnOfJordan said...

I actually really enjoy writing. Its something I haven't really been doing much in recent years. So I love my blog as an opportunity to return to it.

Meanwhile it amuses me greatly this was last updated on the 21st January 2008 (which was my birthday, lol).

But rest assured I have indeed added you to my RSS feeds and expect more articles and/or videos soon.

Take care Josh. YOU ROCK!

- John


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