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Gaint Lego (I Mean Luna) Furniture

Childhood dream come true, right? Lunatic Construction makes these pieces of modern art in a plethora of colors and materials but the main idea is that they're made to be stacked together however you see fit. From there, all you need to do is accessorize with some throw pillows or a sheet of glass and you're living the dream.

Created by Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker, LunaBlocks come in a number of types: the basic LunaBlock; LunaGlass, which is the same, but transparent; LunaSoft, blocks made of heavy-duty polypropylene and meant for the kiddos; LunaLight, pillow-like blocks to relax in; and LunaMetal, for the industrialist in you.

You can buy the blocks online from Homology at $20 to $55 a pop. Still, on a worth-it scale... 10! Check out the gallery at DVICE link below.

Lunatic Construction



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