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Google Wants To Eat Digg, And Grow From It's Power

So Google wants to get bigger, huh? News to me. Looks like they're about to buy Web 2.0 aggregation website Digg.com.

Check out this quote from Valleywag:

…we hear [Google’s Marissa] Mayer is pushing hard for an acquisition of Rose’s Digg, for a price below $200 million…A source familiar with the talks says Google and Digg reached an agreement last month; it’s not clear whether the offer was verbal or a formal termsheet. So why the delay? One possibility: Digg may have been exploring whether it could hire a rock-star CEO and raise more money.

I doubt the army of Digg users will be down with this, but it I dont see any reason why it wouldn't happen. Google is surely after the technology and algorithms that make Digg so effective. But a power so great can't be taken, it can only be given.




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