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Uber-Strong Nanopaper 1,000 Times Smaller, Really Hard To Rip

Paper airplanes of the future will be feared. This paper is made from cellulose like normal paper, no big deal. The thing is, science nerds at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden made the fiber so tiny and free of defects that it 7 times stronger than that legal pad of yours.

To achieve this, they break down the pulp with enzymes, beat it with a machine, and treat the fibers with carboxymethanol. I don't know what that is or does.. neither does Google Search :) Anyway, this process gives the paper a tensile strength of 214 megapascals, compared to the 30 MPa you get with regular paper.

This wouldn't really mean much to us regular folks except it could replace other plastic items, the manufacturing of which would put out petroleum waste. Green team go!




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