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Verizon Absorbing Alltel, Become Bigger Faster Stronger

According to Gizmodo, Verizon Wireless is going to pony up $6 billion to buy Alltel, which has about 13 million customers. That puts Verizon at around 80 million, throwing the previous champ (AT&T with a last-reported 71 million customers) out of the arm-wrestling match.

Alltel and Verizon already share the same wireless technology, but Alltel caters to some rural areas Verizon has yet to explore. So it should be a pretty easy switch for Alltel customers when the deal goes through at the end of the year.

Gizmodo has the official press release.

Correction: G4TV.com reported the buyout cost Verizon $5.9 billion in cash and $22.2 billion in debt.



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