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How Important Is A Love Story In A Movie?

So I've been bouncing ideas off of my co-workers relating to my script. The story involves 3 college friends who meet up for a little bit of a wild weekend and run into some trouble with some dangerous people.

Initially, I had one of these guys being in a relationship, only acknowledging the girlfriend character through shot stints of him talking to her on the phone - since she wasn't a part of the story. She was meant to be a sign that this character is a reliable, mostly responsible guy who can maintain a relationship like that. But it didn't really come through like I'd hoped and seemed to be a detriment to the narrative.

I had another idea about one of the other characters trying to get the attention of a girl from his church (he's the responsible force in the movie now, and likes good girls). But, after writing some ideas and some dialogue to develop that part of the story, it seems like a complete waste of time.

I want to pull at people's heart strings with this story (action/comedy), but I fear I may be trying too hard. Maybe I'll just axe the love story idea. To hell with it.


1/6/09, 4:59 PM JohnOfJordan said...

I don't think it matters if they're in a relationship or not. What matters is that we care about the characters. How are you going to do that? By developing interesting characters.

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