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Crafting An Action Scene

As a kid, my favorite movies were the ones that had so much going on at once, I was impossible to look away. When I first saw the Star Wars Trilogy, all the phaser cannons and light sabers glued my eyes to the screen. I didn't even want to look down to grab my soda. My hand would wander around the cup holder until I felt the cold cardboard. This resulted in a lot of spilled drinks. I am the reason that three theaters in Wyoming always had sticky floors.

But the point is that I want to do that to people. I want to craft a scene so distracting that people ignore everything else around them to watch it move, duck, and dive in every direction.

The scene involves the three main characters being chased down a violent river on little floating rafts meant to sunbathe on.. not meant for roaring rapids. The characters pursuing them are quick and motivated, but not that bright. The best part is that the good guys aren't that bright either: they're just some college-aged kids trying to save their own lives.


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