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Spidey's Still A Geek

After seeing the ultra-hyped web crawler flick, SpiderMan 3 that hit theaters Friday, there's still only one thing you can say about our homeboy, Peter Parker: for a super hero, he's not that super.

And apparently Hollywood has known all along the book-worm types are the ones you gotta watch for. Sam Raimi's vision for the Spider Man franchise turned all the awkward qualities of a high school nobody into the charm audiences have apparently been looking for... take that Orlando Bloom. Toby MacGuire is a talented actor despite all those goofy faces he makes when he's running or getting pounded in the head with a 20ft. wide fist made of sand. That must be why he wears the mask. And it doesn't hurt that he's involved with Kirsten Dunst and Bryce Dallas Howard, two slammin' hotties in their own right, regardless of their leading actress positions.

Also, a quick note on the villains. Topher Grace handled acting a badass like, well, a badass. Venom completely embodies the perfect combo of unjustifiable hate and delusional evil. Topher should have been a part of this franchise long ago. Thomas Haden Church wasn't given enough substance in this film to show off his talent, but did a tasteful job with what he was given.

The hype building up to this movie has given people the impression that it's just non-stop CGI action for 2 1/2 hours, so I guess that's why you see posts on movie sites bashing it. Well people like what they like, and criticize what they hate. Nothing is going to change that, but I hope all of you who have yet to see it go out and give it a shot. There's few things better than a good blockbuster to get you ready for the summer movie season.



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