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Which is the best Xbox 360 game and what makes it best

Since the Xbox 360 was released so much earlier than the competing next-generation consoles, it boasts a much larger library of games. This makes choosing a winner obscenely difficult. The console focuses largely on adult-oriented games with foul language, violence, and situations little Billy just isn't ready for yet. With that in mind, I believe the best game for the Xbox 360 is one that takes a more adult approach to gaming. That's why my pick is Bioshock.
Not only does Bioshock contain creepy atmosphere, violent game play, and a plethora of choices about how you want to proceed, it also alludes renowned fiction and makes you feel for your "enemies." Bioshock presents Little Sisters (who harvest Adam, which is essential to life in Rapture, the sunken dystopian setting for the game) and gives you the choice of murdering them to gain all the Adam you can, or sparing them and taking what they will give as thanks. This is a huge moral dilemma, and it generates different results.
It's also fair to say the game looks outstanding. I know there has been a lot of coverage on the water effects, but it's not the only eye-candy. All the environments and characters are just as well-presented. Technically, the game was built on Epic's Unreal Engine 3, but it was heavily modified to create the breathtaking scenes in Rapture. And the events in Bioshock feel like the could have happened. There is a rich history that unfold as the game develops.
Despite criticism that the ending is too short, or the last boss is too easy, Bioshock provides around 20 hours of compelling game play. Once you get your ending, once you get your final boss battle, you feel like you earned it.



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