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Video Game Violence.. It's Hip!

After a great birthday weekend (I turned 23), I got home and realized that the sweet new Xbox 360 I got had nothing but a sub-par comic-book game and Forza 2 to run on it. Don't get me wrong, these games probably have their rightful place in the multi-billion dollar video game industry, but for the life of me I just can't find it.
Anywho, after figuring out how to bridge my laptop wireless connection so I could connect to Xbox Live, I found the game demo section and had a demo shopping spree. I downloaded demos of Bioshock, Condemned, Rainbow Six: Vegas (I dig shooters)... and many more of the most violent, supposedly unhealthy games I could find.
Only time will tell if they turn me into a real-life murdering monster. But to help me figure it out and to soak up the maximum amount of ultra-violence as I could, I played all of them back-to-back for about 5 hours straight. I'm going to keep doing this every night for the next week, and I'll report my findings. My money's on slightly irritable and maybe some red eyes.



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