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Just Don't Let Paris Behind the Wheel

In regards to the Paris Hilton jail sentence for driving without a license, Jane Fonda passed on some words of wisdom in regards to the spoiled heiress and her lawlessness. "I'm glad she is going to do the time. If she were black, if she were poor, she would have done it much sooner," she stated on Larry King's talk show last night. Let me thank Mrs. Fonda now for regurgitating what everybody's been saying since Paris' sex tape was catapulted across the internet. We get it, she's spoiled.

I have a different take on the matter. Paris Hilton is like Hollywood's mentally-disabled little sister. She just doesn't know any better. You give her toys to play with, love her as she is, but don't give her responsibility or control over anything. No one should have given her keys to the car in the first place. Bad DMV!

She might have turned out to be a competent, productive member of society if her upbringing was different. But when your parents are building a world-class hotel chain, they don't have time to turn you into a real person. Most people in similar situations use daycare or a maid to raise their children. Some even let TV do it. But it's too late now. Let's just enjoy Paris as a part of everyday life and never ever give her control of another motor vehicle.

On a more pleasant note, she's still really pretty... so she's got that going for her...

Source on the Jane Fonda Comments



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