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Cure for Cocaine Addiction?

By taking a common tranquilizer along with a medicine that slows the production of stress hormones, cocaine addicts may be able to fight their addiction in an impressive new way. The new drug combination should reduce their cravings without getting them high.

On Wednesday, Embera NeuroTherapeutics announced the first clinical trial for a treatment that combines tranquilizers with a medicine that slows the production of stress hormones. They hope the combination will reduce the cravings of cocaine addicts without getting them high.

Forty-five volunteers are signed up to help kick their habits under the supervision of Anita Kablinger, a professor of Psychiatry at Louisiana State University. The control group will get a placebo, and the rest will receive Some will receive a combination of the sedative oxazepam and the hormone-blocking drug metyrapone.

So, instead of inducing artificial pleasure, their just cutting people's bodies off from chemicals that stress them out. That's innovative.

Wired Science

Potential New Way to Kick a Coke Habit: Mixing Tranquilizers with Hormone Blockers


1/7/08, 12:49 PM eve said...

cool idea, thanks for sharing! Hope it works, coke is hard to drop.

1/8/08, 1:38 AM bowman_joshua said...

yeah, i certainly hope it makes a difference. it's good to know there's scientists out there that are working on things beyond curing erectile dysfunction :)


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