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Pepsi and Amazon Mega-Partnership

The two companies finally took the lid off their DRM-free music service promotion, which begins with a Super Bowl commercial starring Justin Timberlake.

The promotion is called Pepsi Stuff, and begins on Feb. 1st. Here's how it's going down:

* Pepsi will distirbute 4 billion specially marked packages that contain points;
* The points are good for free music downloads on the Amazon.com service;
* Participants bank their points at pepsistuff.com;
* 5 points is good for one free song
* The points are also good for "TV downloads, electronics gear, clothes, DVDs and CDs and other merchandise sold on Amazon, totaling $1 billion in prizes."

All of the big record labels selling music through the service are allowing their music to be used in the promotion, with the exception of Universal Music Group. However, UMG has licensed it's music for the service.

In order to get some of the labels to be involved with the promotion, Amazon had to agree to step up the marketing campaign. Hence the kickoff of the campaign begins with the Super Bowl. I guess that's a fair compromise, and explains why Amazon, who normally doesn't normally go big with advertising, is buying one of the most expensive TV time slots in the world.

This new contender in the music-distribution game may be exactly what the people asked for. Introducing it through a contest-based promotion will give people the opportunity to explore the site and get free content, provided they are all Pepsi drinkers. Sound like the ultimate beta test.


Pepsi, Amazon Unveil Long-Expected Promotion



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