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Bioshock Movie?

At the moment, this is just one of those superfluous internet rumors credited to "a reliable source" (Joystiq.com) But there certainly is reason to believe movie execs are looking into 2k's new IP as a movie adaptation.

"Digging through all the praise heaped upon Bioshock, you're sure to scrape your nails across several repeated phrases such as 'engaging,' 'gripping' and 'atmospheric.' Some have even said it's 'pretty good.' The most common one, however, is sure to be 'cinematic,' a term that places Bioshock and Hollywood in rather close proximity."

With the Halo movie not expected any time soon (maybe never), Bioshock would certainly give gaming fans something to cut their teeth on. Thinking about Big Daddies on the big screen actually makes me pretty excited as well. The movie would be scary, action-packed, and (provided they keep the plot on track) would actually have some relevant meaning to our lives and histories without having to dive into subjects like Iraq and the War on Terror.

That is something to be grateful for. Relevant fiction.

Anywho, I've sang enough praises for the game. What do you think? Is this something you would want to see in theaters?


1/13/08, 4:03 AM Leon said...

I'd watch it. The game's pretty good.

1/13/08, 10:15 PM trench said...

Bioshock the movie huh? I think it will do well if directed properly.


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