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$2,500 Tata Nano

Tata, and Indian car company, has brought car ownership to a whole new level by bringing down the price while blowing away the fuel economy of many American-made automobiles. The Nano (above) can fit five people (tightly), but the base version is a little sparse on luxuries: no radio, no passenger-side mirror, and only one windshield wiper.

Still innovative and practical. The sacrifices are part of what brings the Nano into the reach of modest-income families. On a worth-it scale... 10.

There is concern that the range of people, who can now afford one of these things, could overcrowd India's roads and cause environmental troubles. But i think we all know that a car that cost this little, and puts out around 50 mpg isn't going to destroy the environment near as fast as some of the elephant-sized monsters we have wheeling around the United States.

Safety is another concern. Chairman of Tata states that the car will meet safety standards and pollute even less than motorcycles, but some critics are saying that Tata will sacrifice quality and safety standards to meet the target price.

ABC News
The $2,500 Car: An Environmental Nightmare?


1/10/08, 11:40 PM Lois said...

I think Mr Tata is offering a safer & affordable alternative to the driver who otherwise rides a 2-wheeler. And it looks like his ‘innovation around cost’ model is an interesting way of making such dreams possible.

1/11/08, 4:29 PM bowman_joshua said...

Yeah, I believe this is a great idea. Getting rid of luxuries to bring something that has, up until now, been a monumental purchase for most people. Thanks for the feedback.


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