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Dark Knight Stunt Almost Takes Bale's Head Off

According to Starpulse, Christian Bale was almost chopped up by a descending helicopter that narrowly missed him on the set of The Dark Knight. Apparently, he didn't even notice how close it was until he saw the freaked-out expressions on the cast members' faces.

In an interview with Details magazine, he said "I've been in situations where things could have gone very wrong. I saw a number of very anxious faces on The Dark Knight when a helicopter came incredibly close to me. I was standing on the corner of the Sears Tower, on the outside 110 stories up. I felt quite oblivious to it. I was looking at the face of the pilot and just hanging there, not fully aware that the blades were actually just feet away from my head."

Like Heath Ledger's Joker character wasn't reason enough to see it! Dangerous.



6/6/08, 5:00 AM JohnOfJordan said...

The new theme for your blog is a million times better and functions properly (I had a lot of "issues" with the previous one). I look forward to being able to read more soon!

6/6/08, 9:38 AM bowman_joshua said...

I'm glad. I still can't decide how I want it to look, but I guess it's time to leave it alone. Well enough alone.


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